Reading Batman

Reading Batman, is a series of in depth posts looking at the overall canon of Batman.

Frank Miller

Batman: Year One - Reactions to Space: Gotham is Alive!

A look at Batman: Year One as a means of trying understanding the space Batman inhabits and how it is as much a character and living creature as its denizens. Special emphasis is placed on understanding Gotham City, a city without a Map, through a means of  non-representational geography, a geography of "what happens."

DK: The Last Crusade — The Last Nights of Batman and Robin

A look at the prestige one shot comic by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. detailing the final days of Batman and Robin and why the Bat Broke even more.

James Tynion IV

Detective Comics “The Victim Syndicate” — Memory, Forgetting, and Remembering Again

A look at Detective Comics #943-949  "The Victim Syndicate" and the nature of memory and what it means to forget, influenced by Lacanian psychoanalytic theory.


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